Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo2011-2019 ongoing
MEDIA: Collages, micro architecture, dioramas, paintings, drawings, books
The starting point for these works is the vast chaotic Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo with its makeshift mercantile architecture - layered with typography and a patina of seafood. Over seven years Tilson visited the fish market many times, making drawings, photographs, videos, audio and collecting objects. From this he has made micro architectural sculptures of the wholesale trading stalls and their payment booths, alongside shrine-like collages each dedicated to fish species sold at the market. A series of paintings extends the view outwards into the market halls. This project is "In Progress".

Research and collage material brought back from Japan

Studio views

Looking at Cities, a series of 10 photobooks on Tsukiji

Drawings and typographic studies

Details of works in progress

Details of works in progress