Breakfast Special1986-87
Atlas: Softback
b&w xerox, 2-colour xerox, Canon Laser copy,
offset litho, instantprint, crayon, rubber stamps
Five softback books. 18 x 15 cm

Book and set of editioned collages.
Mr Emerson eats out. 5 cities, 5 breakfasts, 5 stories, 5 starts to the day. To find the true identity of a city eat breakfast in it. The international scene changes provided an opportunity to explore local atmosphere and detail in which typography was as vital to the descriptive effect as the imagery with which it merged.
Tilson used typographic elements from newspapers, magazines, wine labels and shop fronts to suggest the visual grain of the five cities.

Book 1 - El Dottore di Terracotta
Arezzo. Italian text.

Book 2 - La Carte Propre
Marais, Paris. French text.

Book 3 - Miasto Alphabet
East Village, New York City. Polish text.

Book 4 - El Cabellette di Piedra
Barrio Gotico, Barcelona. Spanish text.

Book 5 - Southwark Soil Creep
Peckham, London. English text.

Whether by intention or not, the overall effect is one of compassion, of man as vulnerable animal undertaking a passage of survival in which his highest hopes are brought down to earth by the needs which determine our everyday rituals ....Breakfast Special is first and foremost a purely visual adventure, and one which succeeds.
Cathy Courtney - ART MONTHLY, 1990

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