Atlas: audio CD 40 minutes, 1993 and was re-issued as a CD in 1997. Foundsounds also appeared as an audio
CD with Atlas magazine 4 in 1993

Location sounds 5 minutes each.
Found sounds 30 seconds each.
Jodhpur, London, Madrid, Jaisalmer, Stockholm, Udaipur, Cuenca, Bombay.

“Ideas for new works, or series of works usually occur from a process of open investigation through photography, writing, recording and observing. I gather material not knowing what I'm going to do with it. I try and maintain this attitude when making work. Instinct takes over and certain themes evolve and become clearer with time, often after the work is finished. Decisions about what medium to use are dictated by content and instinct. Occasionally there is a lightning bolt moment when a new idea hits. I saw a piece of old audio cassette tape wrapped around a railing on Camberwell New Road in London - I wanted to know what sounds were on the tape. I got off the bus, took a photo of the tape in situ then took the tape home where I wound it onto a blank cassette to play back what was on the old tape. It was music. I then re-photographed the location and made a five minute recording of the background sound of the city. “

After two years Tilson had a broad range of sites. He collected fragments of discarded audio-cassette tape in eight cities. People had either thrown away damaged cassettes from their cars, or the tape had come from auto accidents. Each piece of tape eventually entwined itself around weeds or railings along the roadside. Tilson photographed the location where the tape was found and made a digital audio recording of the local sounds for a duration of five minutes. He wound the damaged and dirty scraps of cassette tape onto a blank cassette and re-recorded the found sounds. The tape from Bombay stinks of dried fish, even after five years. The found sound, which was always music, is heard half-way through listening to the location sound of the street where it was found.

City Picture Fiction no.321996
audio cd 74 minutes.

1- parisnew yorklondon
2- music from afar

‘parisnew yorklondon’ comprises three overlapping parts. Each section is a one-take continuous recording made of background sounds in three international museums. No other sounds have been added locations:Paris, Musée du Louvre New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art London, Tate Gallery.

‘music from afar’ comprises ten overlapping parts. Each section is a one-take continuous recording made of live music in a public space recorded from a distance. No other sounds have been added locations:New Delhi, New York, London, Bombay, Paris, Pushkar

City Picture Fiction, audio CD, released by Atlas

City Sounds of the Everyday, audio CD series, released by Atlas
Tilson's most extended study of cultural difference is the film Macro Meals (1991-6), a collection of video images of 45 meals taken across the globe over the course of five years. Macro Meals reveals the extremities of the international catering
industry; by way of noodle soup in Tokyo and tortellini in Florence, this film explores chips across three continents.

Emily King

Vulture Reality1991-1993
VHS video compilation
87 minutes

Macro Meals - 17.25 minutes
15 breakfasts, 15 lunches, 15 suppers. Eating in public places. Macro len close-ups - moving right to left across food, cutlery and tables in restaurants, bars, trains and plains. Tokyo to Pisa.
Men Only - 2.34 minutes
Public mens toilets in India and Japan.
Wall Fans of India - 7.45 minutes
Closely observed fans.
sub urban - 11.37 minutes
A split screen journey through the suburbs of Paris, Tokyo and Bombay. Each vertical segment is a stop frame animation of converging tracks, carriages, sidings, graffiti, commuters, bridges and stations.
9 by 5 - 26.00 minutes
Slow fades overlap five-minute, fixed position views of streets, snow, swaying bamboo and rain. Tokyo, Rome, New York, London, Pisa, Brussels and Faenza.
Oscillocity 21.00 minutes

Hannahsleeps, audio cassette, released by Atlas

Gate 23, audio cassette, released by Atlas

Hungerford Bridge, audio cassette,
released by Atlas