City Picture Fiction1991-99MEDIA: web site, Inkjet prints, postcards, video, audio cds, exhibition announcement cards, wall pieces.

This project brought together changes in the way Tilson considered all aspects of his work: research, creation, delivery and audience.
The content of the work remained an urban investigation but rather than focus on a specific city neighbourhood he collected material from cities as far apart as San Francisco and Bombay. Photographs, video, audio and merchandise were collected as ideas developed for specific works..
Some of the strongest works produced for this project are audio. Tilson had experimented with audio collage works in the late 70s and 80s inspired by William Burroughs and Laurie Anderson. As part of his studio reset in 1992 he set up an analogue 8-track recording studio, at the centre of the studio was a Fostex E8 and a 12 track mixing desk and Hi8 editing equipment. The audio works were produced as cassettes, CDs and later as online audio files. Works include: Foundsounds (1993), Gate 23 (1993), Hannahsleeps (1998), Hungerford Bridge (1998), City Picture Fiction (1996), City Sounds of the Everyday (2001-2013).
They were also exhibited/performed in London, San Francisco, Goteborg and later at the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2013.
The visual works for City Picture Fiction still adopt what Tilson considered to be a collage approach but where the components are given an equal space in the form of photographic grids.

Talking about a digital studio.
“ In 1993 I replaced my old Amstrad computer with my first Macintosh. At first it was installed in my office. So with the help of QuarkXpress and Photoshop I began to produce some very bad design. It has taken a long time for my working procedure to become as fluid as it had been prior to using a computer. After a year I realised I hadn’t been in my main studio all year. So I started work on a “clean” studio design. “

Photographed in Brussels, by Jennifer Lee

Sketchbook page: video overlays for 9 by 5