Early years; paint, print,
collage, publishing

As well as experimenting with various media and forms of making art such as performance and collage it was drawing and painting from life that occupied Tilson during his three years at Chelsea School of Art. Before going to college he’d been taught how to make multiple stage etchings by the artist Robin Tanner. Continuing this sideline in printmaking research he became Barry Flanagan’s print assistant during college conducting experiments in Goya’s aquatint work. After reading William Burroughs and JG Ballard Tilson began making collages which were used in a magazine called LAZA7 he co-founded with other students at Chelsea.

Jake Tilson, Investigations in Cities 1977-1997, MIDE, Cuenca

Top: Chelsea School of Art, Manresa Road during a student occupation.

Bottom: studio photo, third year.