Excavator Barcelona Excavador1985-88
instantprint, b&w xerox, Canon Laser copies,
rubber stamps, bought objects, 44 page softback book. 28 x 20 cm

As with ‘Ground Zero Inc’, and ‘The Highstreet SW11’, Tilson collected materials from a specific urban environment, in this case the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona. Collage work prior to this had relied heavily upon found photographs, texts from magazines, brochures, books and other printed matter. With ‘Excavator’ Tilson changed tactics and created his own source material of photographs and texts. Appropriated text from a clandestine pro-terrorist publication on police detecting methods was rewritten as a narrative and then typeset. The photographs and text were further manipulated on photocopiers. Tilson was able to explore narrative themes and urban ambience across different media - a book - a diorama and collages - placing elements where they could be most effective and appropriate. Source material suggested an intimate scale for the works, echoing the claustrophobic streets of the Barrio Gotico. The developing narrative which used a fictional character, Mr Emerson, dealt with the traces of a murder, time travel, new geography and the archaeology of collage. The city seen as an archeological detective story

Tilson exploited an early Canon copiers's depth of focus for the cover. For the title page he made an "E" from earth which he glued to paper and photocopied. The Excavator lettering was adapted from a Catalan newspaper still printed by letterpress.
There are hints at a story; seven murders have taken place and an archaeologist, Mr Emerson, is on the trail of the killer....He plays with the idea of an archaeologist digging through time - but with his horizons focused on solving the murder mystery - setting beside this the juxtapositions of his collages and making references to bogus systems and series which paradoy scientific investigations. It’s an Alice in Wonderland logic, in which the gaps play a crucial part. The more facts we think we have, the less we actually discover..

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