The Terminator Line1991
Atlas: offset litho, instantprint,
rubber stamps.
64 page hardback book. 29 x 21 cm

A narrative of urban paranoia. Terminator Line: dividing line between day and night. 24 hours in New York with Mr Emerson. Schizophrenia and altered perception. Early versions of the book were photographic. Finally it became stripped down, layered with typography manipulated on photocopiers and fax machines to achieve a visual fluidity. Text as image. Free flowing typography. X-ray the streets.

The Terminator Line was launched in New York at Printed Matter at Dia and in London at the Nigel Greenwood Gallery. At both events the Cine-film 'Outtakes-The Terminator Line' was projected.
This is a pre-computer work and was featured in many typographic books.
Orchestrating typography, fragments of maps, labels, advertisements, messages, photographs and street signs to evoke a landscape of quotation, controlling the mixture of the recognisable and the mysterious to perfection....The Terminator Line's story touches a tender nerve despite its humour and adsurdity, picking at our awareness of environmental threats and self-destructive forces, at out attempt to blind ourselves by focusing on the mundane.
Cathy Courtney - ART MONTHLY

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