A stencil typeface designed for the Battersea Arts Centre for use on signage, print and website.

Jake Tilson was initially brought into the Battersea Arts Centre as an artist, working on a scratch signage project. He spent a long time observing the building, talking photographs and drawing. From this he developed a new visual identity for the centre including: logo sets, three typefaces, a large photographic resource, design templates and images for use on their new website.

Battersea Stencil used a stencil set which he'd found, tested out on various papers with different brushes and paints. He had laser cut stencil discs made for Battersea to create a donor wall and produce other handmade signage.

There are three versions of the typeface: 1, as a set of greyscale tiffs that reflect the full roughness of the stencils, 2, a digital font that replicates the look of a rough stencil, and finally, 3 a clean outline font from which to create new stencils.

Name: Battersea Stencil
Date: 2013-14
Foundry: Atlas
Weight: rough
Tags: Battersea, Lavender Hill, Clapham Junction, South London, brick, mosaic, scratch theatre, stencil

The character set for this font includes: uppercase, numerals and accented variants for most Latin script languages.

Battersea Arts Centre external sign,
designed by Haworth Tompkins and Jake Tilson

Battersea Arts Centre external Scratch Bar sign, designed by Haworth Tompkins and Jake Tilson

Battersea Arts Centre, room signage

Laser-cut stencil discs

Battersea Arts Centre, donor wall signage