A type filled youth

Two of Jake's favourite books as a teenager were Speedball Lettering and Claudia Roden's Middle Eastern Food - two obsessions that have shaped his work. Age 14 he hand drew type for use in magazines and commercial graphic jobs. At college in the 1970s and 80s he discovered Letraset and phototypesetting, copy cameras and xerox machines - for use in his magazines, small edition books and artworks.

Incised type for a film title sequence,
ICON directed by Tony Potts, 1970s

Hand drawn, offset litho honey label circa 1974

Hand lettered artwork, Cipher 5

Hand lettered van, 1974

Hand lettered posters, circa 1973

Sketchbook, 1970s

Letterpress ticket, circa1974

Hand lettered labels for a lute maker, 1975

Hand lettered artwork, Juice magazine 1976

Hand lettered posters, circa 1973