Gate 231985Atlas: audio cassette

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A real time recording of flight departure announcements in the international departures lounge of Heathrow Airport.
To cut out background noise the recording was made directly from the control room by arrangement with the British Airports Authority, so there are no atmospheric sounds, only the announcements themselves, one every few minutes.

Gate 23 was recorded on January 18th at Heathrow airport
and has been featured on arts radio broadcasts and has also been found in clubs, shops and other public spaces.

The strangest present of the year is Gate 23, an audio compendium of flight departure announcements at Heathrow Airport for the modest £6.
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Hungerford Bridge1998Atlas: audio cassette
An ebbing soundtrack of trains and tide.
The recording was made on the edge of the River Thames at low tide underneath Hungerford Bridge - a railway bridge that links the South Bank to Charing Cross Station in London. Bolted onto its side is a footbridge. Hungerford Bridge was originally recorded for the art event European Echoes at Röda Sten in Göteborg, Sweden, 1998. Curated by Biggi Vinkeloe, Andrew Cowie and Peeter Uuskyla. Röda Sten is an abandoned turbine building under the vast road bridge that crosses the estuary in Göteborg. Tilson searched in London to find an audio equivalent to the Swedish location. He listened to many bridges. Hungerford Bridge was choosen for the combined sound of people, tide and and trains.

You never step in the
same river twice.


Hannahsleeps1988-89Atlas: audio cassette

A sixty minute continuous recording of three year old, Hannah, sleeping. Her slow, rhythmic breathing was recorded digitally at close quarters to achieve a broad sound range Hannahsleeps was originally made as a one-off CD for the Eye Was a Child exhibition/charity auction at the Saatchi Gallery for Save the Children curated by Tessa Robins in August 1998.

On show at the Saatchi Gallery

The most focussed of all Tilson's demonstrations of the simultaneously particular and generic is a sixty minute recording of his daughter's somnolent breaths titled Hannahsleeps (1998). Bordering on the sentimental, Hannah's sweet snufflings are redolent of the common experience of parenthood; the birth of a child submerges the new parent into a set of totally ordinary, but nonetheless overwhelming, feelings of love and anxiety.
Emily King
New Systems in Graphic Design,
Christian Küsters and Emily King, Thames & Hudson.