Cooking Christmas parts 1&22009-2015Each book:
12 foldout pages, plus folding cover.
85 x 225mm
Published by Atlas
ISBN 0 907508 45 60

A delightful, independently published book arrives. Cooking Christmas by Jake Tilson. 12 magical pages. A joy to behold
Nigel Slater

Can't do justice to the delicious little book Cooking Christmas by JakeTilson in a photo. This is the flyer.
Xanthe Clay

Supported by the New Geography Federation
grants to artists scheme.
I would like to thank James Oseland, Todd Coleman, Beth Kracklauer and Dave Weaver from Saveur.

Thanks to my family who helped dislodge memories of Christmases past: Jos & Joe Tilson, Anna Tilson, Sophy Dury and Amy Mitchell. For Book Two I needed a better understanding of what Christmas has been like in Scotland since the Second World War, so I spoke to Scottish relatives and friends. The difference they felt was remarkable, especially between town and country, and North and South within Scotland. Thanks to Mary Lee, Jennifer Lee, Susan Robson, Irene Morton and Catherine Brown.