Looking at Cities,
Research Photography.
Volume One, Japan.
Books 4-13, Tsukiji Fish Market.,
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Size: 13×11 in, 33×28, colour
Binding: Hardback imagewrap covers,
Text paper: ProLine Pearl Photo 190 gsm
Published by Atlas

This series of ten photo books is part of an ongoing studio project. An encyclopedic tribute to the former Tsukiji market, which was closed due to relocation. Over the past 10 years Jake Tilson has documented the market, made a series of books and started making artworks from his research.
The project highlights the importance of food culture in the urban landscape.

The volume presents 1520 photographs taken between 2008 - 2018. Each book is themed to reflect an aspect of the market, and then organised and sub-divided to provide a visual train of thought.

The first three books in this volume are in progress:

Book 1 Out in the Streets
Streets | Overhead power lines | Corrugated metal | Shitamachi gardens | Inu-yarai | Musikomado | Machiya guttering | Unagi no nedoko, ghosts | Budget ryokan | Subway | Pavements and gutters | Walls and surfaces.

Book 2 Eating and Shopping

Kappabashi Street, Tokyo, Shokuhin sampuru, restaurant food models, Shops, Restaurants and food.

Book 3 Typography in the Streets

Books 4-12 Tsukiji Fish Market:
Book 4, General Views, 178 pp, 200 photos.
Book 5, Wholesale Stalls, 238 pp, 260 photos.
Book 6, Choba, Payment Booths, 154 pp, 170 photos.
Book 7, Typography, 106 pp, 110 photos.
Book 8, Light Fittings, 148 pp, 160 photos.
Book 9, Carts & Barrows, 66 pp, 60 photos.
Book 10, Back Spaces & Ladders, 124 pp, 100 photos.
Book 11, Scales, Hanging Objects, Boards, Benches & Floors, 174 pp, 200 photos.
Book 12, Auctions & Preparation, 122 pp, 130 photos.
Book 13, Seafood, 124 pp, 130 photos.

What we eat,
how we cook,
where we shop,
is changing…
losing cultural links to our past

This project celebrates
the Tsukiji Fish Market

Box: acrylic paint, stencils, acid-free card, plywood. Specification on all books: 33 x 28 cm,
hardback, Published by Atlas, London.
Made to order.

Below: installation views of the exhibition Finding Tsukiji
This exhibition introduced an exciting glimpse of new works by Jake Tilson from his ongoing project about Tsukiji – Tokyo’s famous fish market. Part of the exhibition at White Conduit Projects was a large display of ten photo books – a visual encyclopedia of the market.