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This book is a visual record made by the artist Jake Tilson of the immediate aftermath of the Grand Hall fire at Battersea Arts Centre on March 13th 2015. In the months after the fire Jake documented the salvage process in a beautiful photography book. This is a paperback version of the large hardback.

The Lavender Hill Phoenix,
2015-18Softback, 88 pages, 14.5 x 20.5 cm
ISBN 0 907508 60 X

During visits made in the Spring and Summer Jake picked his way through the wreckage left by the fire armed with a small archaeologists spade and a camera encased in cling film for protection against the fine ash. The Grand Hall was now open to the sky - full of twisted steel, burnt wood, cracked roof tiles and ash compacted by the rain.

Part of Jake’s practice as an artist involves urban foraging for objects and images from which he makes narrative collages, books and sculpture all with a pervading sense of place.

As he dug amongst the debris of the Grand Hall he was drawn to objects with a human touch, tools of the trade; microphones, music stands, lighting equipment, hammers, tool kits, drapes and architectural hardware. The adjoining corridor to the hall resembled a scene from a science fiction film – large empty pods lay dotted on the blue mosaic floors like giant washed up egg-cases of sharks and rays found on beaches. They turned out to be globe ceiling lights morphed beyond recognition by the intensity of the fire.

…artist Jake Tilson who became like a resident coal-miner in the weeks after the fire, salvaging thousands of precious pieces of Grand Hall history and documenting them in a beautiful book.
David Jubb, Battersea Arts Centre’s artistic director