Vulture Reality1993-1999VHS compilation
6 video works, 87 minutes
produced with financial assistance from
the Laboratory at
the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art
Published by Atlas
Edited at ETRC and Atlas Films

Macro Meals
17.25 minutes
15 breakfasts, 15 lunches, 15 suppers. Eating in public places.
Macro len close-ups - moving right to left across food, cutlery and tables in restaurants, bars, trains and plains. Tokyo to Pisa.

Men Only
2.34 minutes
Public mens toilets in India and Japan.

Wall Fans of India
7.45 minutes
Closely observed fans

sub urban 1
1.37 minutes
A split screen journey through the suburbs of Paris, Tokyo and Bombay. Each vertical segment is a stop frame animation of converging tracks, carriages, sidings, graffiti, commuters, bridges and stations.

9 by 5
26.00 minutes
Slow fades overlap five-minute, fixed position views of streets, snow, swaying bamboo and rain.
Ankihabara, Tokyo
Piazza del Popolo, Rome
Lexington & 60th, New York
Peckham Road, London
Aoyama-Itchome, Tokyo
Albergo Gronchi, Pisa
West 23rd & 8th, New York
rue St Jean, Brussels
Faenza Piazza Martiri della Liberta

21.00 minutes

with special thanks to:
Jennifer Jeff Lee, Paul Bonaventura, Stephen Farthing, Charles Beesly and all at ETRC, Susan Shopmaker, Karl Wallinger, Andrew Cowie, Joe & Jos Tilson, Haworth Tompkins Architects, Shamshad & Sahba Husain, Mithin Singh.